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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pcard?

Pcard means Personalized card. Our site allows you to generate and evolve images based on text prompts using artificial intelligence (AI). You can use that image to create a digital e-card / postcard or print greeting cards.

Why use Pcard?

Pcard is different from other e-card websites in many ways. Pcard uses a powerful AI engine that can generate realistic and artistic images in seconds based on your input text. You can create a personalized postcard or printed greeting card in minutes. Other websites can take hours searching for the right design template and customizing images.

I found an error on the site. How can I report it?

Thank you! You can submit feedback by going here and see our roadmap by going here.

How many images can I create for free?

This may change, but right now you get 3 free credits when you start. You can gain an additional 5 credits by creating an account and receive 3 credits by sharing your creation. 1 credit = 1 low-resolution creation, while print-based creations cost an additional credit. Sending a Pcard digitally is 5 credits and printing costs are explained below. 

How much does printing a Pcard cost?

Printing a Pcard costs $5 plus shipping and tax (costs based on location). We plan on offering a discount when you purchase multiple Pcards of the same type (great for events and holidays). If you want us to develop multiple Pcards, please let us know by going here.

Why does it cost money?

Pcard image generation takes a lot of computing power to process, and we pay each time you make an image. In addition, all of our team is based in the USA and most are in Southwest Florida. This increases the costs more than developing overseas. Our lowest price tier costs less than a latte. 

Can I save my images or e-cards?

Currently the only way to save images are by downloading them, sending an e-card, or printing a card. If you would like this feature, you can submit feedback by going here.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept most major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Our payment processor is Stripe and is one of the largest payment processors online. You can discover all of our payment methods by clicking on this link.

My credits went to the wrong account!

Your credits will go to whatever account you’re logged in to when you purchase them. If this is the wrong account for some reason, contact us and we’ll transfer them for you.

Do you accept refunds?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept refunds for digital credits due to incurred costs for creating image generations. For anything related to printing issues, we suggest contacting Printiful support as they create the physical printing of your card.

I don’t want to share my personal information or credit card details with an unknown website. How do I know that Pcard is secure and reliable?

Built and maintained in the USA, Pcard is a reputable and trustworthy website that values your privacy and security. We use SSL encryption to protect your data and transactions, and we do not store or share your personal information or credit card details with any third parties. Payment is handled by the Stripe payment gateway. This is one of the biggest payment processors on the web and they handle billions of dollars worth of payments every day. In addition, your images are removed from our system in 10 days and cannot be retrieved unless you have sent a card (retrieved by recipient’s email) or downloaded an image.

My payment is not working. What should I do?

Try disabling your VPN or proxy server. Then make sure your name, CVC and postal code match the one on your payment card and of your bank account. In addition, your card country should be the same as your billing country.

Who makes Pcard?

We are a development team located in southwest Florida. The owner, Brian Zajac, also runs the company 3DAS since 2006.

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