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What are GPTs?

Have you ever talked to a robot that can chat like a human? That’s what ChatGPT does! It’s like a super-smart computer program made by a company called OpenAI. ChatGPT is trained to understand and reply to all sorts of questions, just like a human would. It’s really good at having conversations, answering questions, and even telling stories!

Now, there’s something even cooler called Custom GPTs. Imagine you have a robot that is specially trained to know a lot about one thing, like cooking or playing chess. Custom GPTs are like that – they are trained to be experts in specific areas. For example, a Custom GPT for doctors would know a lot about medicine and health.

How Pcard Uses Custom GPTs

The Pcard website allows you to make your own personalized cards and print them out in seconds. Pcard custom ChatGPTs allow you to make any image with the holiday theme in mind and email it to anyone instantly. They understand what makes each occasion special and help you make a card that’s just right for it. It’s like having a card-making expert in your computer!

Ready to make your own holiday-themed cards? Click below and try it them 100% free if you already have a ChatGPT+ subscription.

Pcard Custom GPTs

  1. Valentine’s Day PostcardsCheck it out! This one helps you make super romantic Valentine’s Day cards. Perfect for showing someone you care!
  2. Chinese New Year PostcardsHave a look! Want to celebrate Chinese New Year with style? This GPT will help you create cards that are full of festive cheer.
  3. Thanksgiving PostcardsTry this one! For Thanksgiving, this GPT helps you make cards that show how thankful you are for your friends and family.
  4. Christmas E-Cards and PostcardsGive it a go! This one is all about spreading Christmas joy with beautiful e-cards and postcards.
So, whether you want to send a cool e-card or a traditional postcard, Pcard’s special GPTs have got you covered. Now, go ahead and create some amazing cards! 💌🎨
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