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How are Line Art Styles Created?

To create the line art style, use only lines to create shapes and outlines without shading or coloring. Use drawing or illustration tools to create smooth and precise lines with various thickness and curvature. Use different types of lines such as straight, curved, dashed, or dotted to create contrast or depth.

Line art can be created with various tools such as pens, pencils, brushes, or digital software. Line art can be used for various purposes such as sketches, illustrations, diagrams, logos, or tattoos. Line art can also be combined with other elements such as colors, textures, or patterns to create contrast or depth.

A black and white illustration of a house with a moon in the sky.
PROMPT: "haunted mansion exterior with an enormous moon glowing in the background"

Creating Line Art Style Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The beautiful news is you don’t need to have any drawing skills or software to create amazing line art. With Pcard, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate stunning line art images with just a few words. All you need to do is choose the “line art” style and type in your prompt. Here are some examples of what you can make with Pcard.

A llama is wearing a hat and a hat.
Simple Prompt for a Line Art Style Llama

Simple Line Art Prompts

Simple prompts can achieve amazing results when applying the “line art” style. The prompt below focuses only on the subject while the Pcard image generator figures out the rest. 

A woman in a hat walks through a lavender field.
How to Use a Complex Prompt to Achieve Various Line Art Styles

Detailed Line Art Prompts

Complex prompts include fine details that make a scene along with applying the “line art” style. The prompt below details the type of view, the details of the main subject, and environment. 

Want to take this prompt farther? Add our “time of day” and “distance” modifiers when you are evolving your AI image in Pcard.  

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