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How are Origami Art Styles Created?

Origami art is the art of folding paper into various shapes and forms without cutting or gluing it. Origami art originated in Japan and has a long history and tradition in the country. Origami art can range from simple models such as animals and flowers to complex sculptures and modular designs. Origami art can also be applied to other materials such as fabric or metal.

To create the origami art style, use paper as a medium to fold into various shapes and forms without cutting or gluing it. Use origami techniques such as coiling, pinching, slabbing, or throwing to create different models or sculptures.

A paper cut out of a haunted house with birds flying around it.
PROMPT: "haunted mansion exterior with an enormous moon glowing in the background"

Creating Origami Art Style Using Artificial Intelligence

The wonderful news is you don’t need to have any paper or scissors to create amazing origami art. With Pcard, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate stunning origami images with just a few words. All you need to do is choose the “origami” art style and type in your prompt. Here are some examples of what you can make with Pcard.

A colorful paper llama on a pink background.
Simple Prompt for Origami Llama

Simple Origami Prompts

Simple prompts can achieve amazing results when applying the “origami” style. The prompt below focuses only on the subject while the Pcard image generator figures out the rest. 

A woman is standing in front of a purple paper sculpture.
How to Use a Complex Prompt to Achieve an Origami Art Style

Detailed Vintage / Retro Prompts

Complex prompts include fine details that make a scene along with applying the “analog film” style. The prompt below details the type of view, the details of the main subject, and environment. 

Want to take this prompt farther? Add our “time of day” and “distance” modifiers when you are evolving your AI image in Pcard.  

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